Coach’s Advice

As a Claremont AYSO soccer coach for 7 years, I developed incredible bonds with so many of the kids I coached, their parents, and fellow coaches. One of the most enriching aspects of coaching was being able to have an impact on these kids lives, and in turn, they impacted mine just as well. Over the many years I would often give advice to the boys, both solicited and unsolicited. 🙂 This book was written out of the inspiration those boys gave me, and was written with them in mind.

There are plenty of advice books out there. Many of them are focused on one particular topic. Others are advice books written from a father to their son. Coach's Advice is written from a soccer coach to the boys on his team. Not every boy is comfortable learning about life lessons from their parents. Some don't even have a father around to be a strong male role model for them. Coach's Advice gives guidance from the perspective of a mentor, written in a style that is less formal, and in a way that teenage boys can easily relate to. It's like getting advice from a  close and trusted friend who is speaking from personal experience.

You can buy now on! Click the image below to be directed to the book's page on Amazon. I donate 100% of the profit to the Hugo Bustamante AYSO Playership Fund. 🙂